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Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Gordon.

I am a creative and data driven content marketer. I enjoy using words to lift potential customers out of their ordinary worlds and invite them to consider going on a journey that ultimately ends with a transaction. Currently, I’m working as a social medial specialist where I am successfully accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Boosting page engagement
  • Creating content for social media platforms
  • Writing email marketing copy
  • Building social media communities

Feel free to see, look, and explore.

I’m a recent graduate of University of Washington’s Professional Technical Writing program; here are a few examples that showcase my technical writing acumen. Eye Candy
I love consumer electronics, more specifically HDTVs. In an effort to convince my wife to let me buy a new one, I wrote her this piece.Click Eye Candy to view.
Resized Beer Pic
Moving from the Mid-West to the West Coast I really got into craft beers.  I designed an all the questions you have about craft beer FAQ as a help doc.Click Portfolio Images to view.